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The Our Dogs website has been online since 2000 and our pages are seen by over 25,000 unique users a month and on average we receive 100,000-page impressions a month. We also have around 105,000 people liking our facebook page & over 12,100 people following us on Twitter. A weekly Our Dogs e-Newsletter also goes out to around 2,500 opted'in users.

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    468 x 60 pixels »Appears on every page £100 + VAT per month - Shared with maximum of 3 other banners

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    465 x 100 pixels »Appears on the home page £75 + VAT per month - Top of the home page

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    150 x 150 pixels »On the home page and eight popular sub-index pages £75 + VAT per month £140 + VAT - 2 months £195 + VAT - 3 months

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PDF or JPEG format, on CD or via email Resolution: 300dpi Agency commission: 10%

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