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We have a huge reach of 105,000+ people who 'like' the facebook page. And over 12,000+ people now follow us on Twitter.


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We now have over 12,500 dog followers on our Twitter Feed perfect for quickly targeting would-be customers.

The Our Dogs Twitter feed has been live since early 2009 and has ranked up well over 6,600 tweets and has well over 12,500 followers.

Our Twitter service is a great tool for getting that important message to would-be customers and clients at the click of a finger.
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Our mission is to keep building a great social media platform for advertisers and clients to bring their products to a wide-ranging audience. Visit our Twitter page here and remember to follow us!

Social Media Advert

    Your Brand

    250 words plus product photo and company logo will be shown throughout our network.


    Targeted on our vast social media network and through our combined software suite.

    Shared & Seen

    Plus many shares and tags on social media through our dedicated network.

    Go Viral

    OUR DOGS video unit will visit your stand to record and upload a fun and engaging video.

    Extra Reach

    Plus additional links on YouTube (22,492 + views*) and Pinterest.


    All can have a link back to your web site and Facebook pages.

Example Adverts

Please see below for some examples of what your Social Media Advertisement could look like. Examples are taken from other clients who have worked with us to boost their online presence and evolve other Social Media related accounts.

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  • Tweeted  - on Twitter
  • Seen - on YouTube
  • Pinned - on Pinterest
  • All of this for just £250 +vat

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